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Tomorrow we will enjoy a national holiday; but, “enjoy” seems the wrong word as the purpose of the holiday is to remember those who have died in the service of our country. Nevertheless, we will take the day off from work and enjoy time with friends and family doing whatever we decide we want to do: enjoying our freedom.

We should enjoy our freedom – remembering that our freedom has been purchased as a gift and payment is made regularly by those willing to go where they are sent and risk everything they have. On Memorial Day we make a point of honoring those who risked everything and lost it so that we could be free.

Our honored dead did not choose to die – they chose to defend us and if necessary lay down their lives for ours. We cannot repay that debt and we must not forget it. We should treasure that gift and keep them and their families in our grateful prayers, tomorrow and every day.


I’m Steve Fitzgerald and I am running for the Kansas Senate because someone has to get government spending under control and our current senator has shown no inclination to do so.   State spending is second only to the federal spending in waste.  The state is spending too much of our money – period.

My family and I retired in this part of Kansas after moving all over the world when I was in the military.   I have owned a few businesses here, meeting payroll and paying all the taxes that entails and I have worked for others here.   Our children went to the local schools, public and private, and their grandparents moved here.   This part of Kansas is our home.

I am proud of Kansas.     It bothers me that we continue to slip behind in so many important areas, such as population and economic growth while we increase the negative indicators, such as state and local government spending and growth of government as a part of the overall economy.   We are reducing the relative number of taxpayers while increasing the number of tax takers.   This is an increasing burden on each taxpayer.   The debt load of the state is now much higher than ever.   Just as an indicator  consider that in 1920,  Kansas had eight representatives in Congress and now we have four – our population relative to the rest of the country has been halved – and after the 2020 census we will be down to three or possibly even two representatives.   Kansas might well be bigger than the current governor thinks, but is shrinking and going in the wrong direction economically.   Kansas is better than that.   We have done much better in the past and we can again – but it takes common sense and discipline. We cannot spend our way into prosperity.

We must have some government spending and there are essential services that must be provided.   Those who work for government should be fairly paid and as a member of a local school board I have voted for increases for teachers and administrators because they were in the best interest of the workers and the people.   I have voted against budgets that are excessive and I have proposed and voted for reductions to those budgets and for reductions in taxes.

“Unfortunately, too many people fail to realize the damage that unrestrained government spending can do both to the taxpayers and to the public servants who work for those taxpayers. “

A frugal government, anxious to return money to the taxpayer at any opportunity as well as careful to provide the best possible service is what we have every right to expect.   Yet, that message is not welcomed in some areas where some people are oblivious that it is your money that they are spending – some are cynical enough to claim that they do not vote for raising taxes while they continue to spend without regard to any limits – as if you won’t notice when the bills come due.

Unless we get our spending under control and get better performance from our governmental agencies we will continue to slip behind.   Productive people and businesses will not come to nor stay in a community that wastes their money.   Retired members of the community cannot afford to stay when their fixed income is under constant assault.   The result is that we continue to lose both those in their productive years as well as those who have fixed incomes, older Kansans willing and able to continue contributing at a reasonable level,  but unwilling or unable to pick up and ever-increasing tab for the profligate spending of the state and local governments.

We should be attracting and retaining both the retired population and the working population.   Both are necessary and both are motivated by the need to keep what they earn as well as to have good community services and amenities – at a reasonable cost.

As we continue with my campaign, I will provide details of ways and means that we have available to get government spending under control and keep it there.   Some might hurt a bit – but the pain will be a lot less than the results if we do not change.

I welcome your emails, letters, and phone calls. If you want to help with this campaign please let me know – there is plenty of work to be done.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Please check back at the website and blog in the future and please send this to other Kansans so that together we can stop the spending spree and start the economic development that Kansas deserves.