Republican Steve Fitzgerald Files for Senate Seat



11 JUNE 2012, 10 AM

Republican Steve Fitzgerald Files for Senate Seat

“The people want straight talk” said retired Army officer and small businessman Steve Fitzgerald as he filed last Friday for the Kansas Senate, District 5, Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth City, Lansing City, Piper, Bonner Springs, Edwardsville, and a part of Kansas City, Kansas generally west of 83rd Street and north of Georgia Avenue – including the Legends area. The district was drawn last week by the Tenth Federal Circuit Court and has few but important changes from the previous district. The court added Edwardsville in Wyandotte but shaved off significant parts of the eastern parts of the district.

Fitzgerald consistently has been the Republican standard bearer in the 5th Senate District since filing in June 2004. Fitzgerald will be facing Mark Gilstrap in the primary and incumbent Kelly Kultala in November.

Fitzgerald says he likes the new boundaries, although he favored Leavenworth County having its own senate district. “I have always been happy to run in the 5th District and look forward to campaigning again with my friends in Wyandotte. Leavenworth County should have had a home senate district. But, the court has spoken.”

Things will be different this time, Fitzgerald says. “I have always done very well in Leavenworth County and pretty well in the western part of Wyandotte. The district is becoming more Republican. Even Gilstrap became a Republican after losing favor with then Governor Kathleen Sebelius. I am in favor of economic growth and small business and intend to highlight differences with my Democrat and recent-Democrat opponents.” Emphasizing his Republican credentials, Fitzgerald pointed out that he has served several terms as a precinct captain, district and state delegate, and as treasurer of the Kansas State Republican Party, as well as playing important roles in state-wide Republican campaigns. He has also served as vice-president of the Leavenworth School Board and is co-founder of The Leadership Series which has trained over eighty men in political and community leadership.

“This election is about how to get our economy moving again, it is about jobs, more efficient,limited government, and especially about respecting the rights of the people to keep what they earn. Kansans do not need and should not have government at any level interfering in their lives. Government must provide essential services, help set the conditions for success, and get out of the way. My opponents have voting records that prove that they do not share these values. Both have miserable ratings from business advocate agencies. This election provides clear choices for the residents of the district and I look forward to making that case to the voters” Fitzgerald said.

Contact: Greg Beck, Information Director, Fitzgerald for Senate, at 913-727-1258,


 Steve Fitzgerald at 913-306-1838,




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