Steve and Francie brought their family to Kansas twice. First when Steve was a student at the Army’s Command and General Staff College and later when he was getting ready to retire.  They have been Kansas residents for over twenty-three years and their children have attended local public, Lutheran, and Catholic schools.   Francie has worked in the public schools and Steve has been a member of the Catholic School board as well as the vice president of the public school board.
After the Army Steve started his own business which grew to fifteen employees and worked with corporations nationwide.   After 9/11/01 Steve closed his business and went to work as a military analyst and trainer for Northrop Grumman supporting the Army.   Two of the children joined the Army and are still serving on active duty and in the reserves.   Recently, they have started a home-building business in Kansas.
Steve attended several colleges and universities taking a Bachelor of Arts from Saint Martin’s College in Lacey, Washington, a Master’s of Administration from Central Michigan, as well a Master’s of Military Arts and Sciences from CGSC at Fort Leavenworth.

His greatest learning experience, however, has been in working and serving with people in many varied areas. From dealing with the mountain people in Vietnam to the Norwegian Home Guard as a Special Forces soldier, or working with the troops and people in Germany or Grenada, everyday people have provided the most important lessons.
Politics came late into Steve’s life but he has been a strong supporter of his candidates and is a state party delegate who believes that citizen involvement in government is a privilege and a duty.   In 2004 Steve ran for the Kansas Senate and came within 1.5% of winning with very little support against an entrenched incumbent with a large war chest.   In those areas where he was known and campaigned he did very well but because he entered late he did not have the time or resources to get to all parts of the district.

This time, Steve intends to carry his conservative message to all the voters and win the district by appealing to people’s self interest in better, more reasonable government.

Veteran, past Vice President of local school board, retired businessman, active in church and civic organizations, Steve and his wife Francie have five children and nine grandchildren.  He is the founding member of local KFL Chapter, Life member NRA, 3d Degree Knight of Columbus.


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